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Got a Minute?

It’s that time and your roll game is about to be put to the test. Where do you stand.  Is it going to be a mess or can

tony green hand smoking cups
Tony Greenhand Smoking Cup

the team count on you.  Now this guy, Tony Greenhand is a champion in the newly-emerging field of competitive joint rolling. So you know his team can count on him.  He creates master pieces that are all completely smok

tony green hand ice cream joint
Tony Greenhand Ice Cream Joint

e-able. Tony says he charges from $50/hr to roll these smoke-able works of art and has sold them for prices ranging up to and beyond $7,000 for a single joint! Now who can say they’re a professional joint roller for a living? Well Tony Greenhand can! Check out it out for yourself in the video below.

National Joint-Rolling League…

…Have what it takes?

Trailer Park Boys Joint
Trailer Park Boys Joint  |  Iron Man Joint

Yes the National Joint-Rolling League is a thing, and you guessed it. Its awesome. Do you think you have what it takes to compete. These competitors spend hours on their crafts. Some taking upwards of 6 hours to construct. They have creations ranging from airplanes to sneakers, all of which are completely smoke-able.  Check out the video below and judge for yourself on just how awesome these guys are at their crafts.

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