Philly420 Breaking News – First Time Hemp is to Be legally Planted in 80 Years!

Pa Industrial Hemp Farming
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Legal Hemp in PA

Pennsylvania Hemp Industry Council

Gearing up to plant Hemp in Pennsylvania for the first time in 80 years, Researchers are looking to study Hemp’s effect on soil health and natural weed control. This is great news for those wishing to avoid additional chemicals being sprayed on their vegetation.  This has begun this past week in Lehigh County’s Upper Saucon Township. It has been nearly a year since Gov. Tom Wolf legalized the growth and production of industrial hemp. (read more)

PA and Hemp’s Past

1900's Hemp Harvest
Harvesting Hemp for Fiver Early 1900’s

It isn’t exactly common knowledge that William Penn actually  intended for the Common Wealth of Pennsylvania to grow Hemp as a staple crop for the region. This was until in 1937 when production was had ceased to a near standstill due to the passing of the Marihuana Tax Act. It was only soon after this that cannabis as a whole was dawned as an illegal drug and brushed to the underground by former President Richard Nixon. He did this by passing into legislation the Controlled Substances Act in 1970.  Until the Agricultural Act of 2014 Hemp was off limits but now this bill is allowing for Hemp production to be conducted under close supervision and only for research purposes. (read more)

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A Little About Hemp

Hemp 100% Natural
100% Natural Hemp

Hemp has both medicinal and non-medicinal uses. It produces CBD’s which is a nonpsychoative part of the plant which has many practical medical uses such as treating certain types of arthritis and other ailments pertaining to the lymph nodes. Aside from the medicinal world Hemp also has practical uses within many different industries. These uses range from utilizing its versatile fibers to create an array of materials that can be used for building and construction. Hemp boasts a very high tensile strength which makes it ideal for production of rope, fiberglass and other such materials. Hemp can even be made into bio-diesel for powering engines. Hemp’s production can help reduce the eradication of trees being used for similar building materials even paper! With Hemp’s ability to grow into full maturity at a fraction of what it takes for trees this makes it an ideal replacement and a much better renewable resource. remember it wasn’t too long ago when Popular Mechanics was claiming hemp to be the “Billion Dollar Crop” before it was forced out of production by the 1970 Controlled Substances Act.


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